English Summary

Anders Delin Studied with the best teachers in Sweden, Jan-Olof Eriksson, Lucia Sanchez-Jordan and Peter Berlind Carlsson at the Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm, the University of the Arts in Piteå, and the Stockholms Music Pedagogic high school.He has performed on Swedish Radio P1 on several occasions and gives concerts throughout Sweden both on classical guitar and renaissance lute. He teaches at the Sundbyberg Music School. Summer 2015 he embarks on a cultural exchange program between Sweden and Cambodia, giving concerts with the Cambodian flautist Him Savy.

George Varney Studied classical guitar with Andres Segovia, Regino Sainz de la Maza, Jorge Ariza, Jose Luis Rodrigo and Jose Tomas. Summer courses in Madrid, Alicante and Santiago de Compostella, where he received a scolarship from Andres Segovia. George holds a performing and teaching diploma from the Real Conservatorio Superior, Madrid and has performed in Spain, Italy and Sweden. Also has taught in the Stockholm School of the Arts as well as being a school principal. He designed the Dynarette guitar cushion, used by guitarists throughout the world. George has played in a number of ensembles in Sweden with classical guitar, electric bass and electric guitar. Having retired from teaching, he now devotes his time to his music and projects with the Duo VarneyDelin.

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